SCOPE provides school counselors with information about the latest technology tools, trends and resources. 

SCOPE was established by Erin Mason on Wikispaces in 2011 as a personal and professional project to serve the school counseling community. In 2013 SCOPE moved to a Wordpress site with the help of an instructional grant from DePaul University. Now on Squarespace, SCOPE continues to evolve while still maintaining its original purpose.

SCOPE continues to be a totally FREE site that highlights the ways school counselors are using technology and the ways that technology is impacting the field. 

SCOPE welcomes contributions from those in the school counseling community at any time including practicing and retired school counselors, directors or supervisors of school counselors, school counseling graduate students and school counselor educators. 

SCOPE is also the founding site for #SCCHAT, monthly Twitter chats for school counselors on a variety of topics. Read more about how to participate on the #SCCHAT page.

SCOPE is not affiliated with any organization or association and is independently operated. Be sure to follow SCOPE on social media!