In 2011, #SCCHAT was established as the first hashtag for school counselors on Twitter.

Introduced by Danielle Schultz and Erin Mason as a way to connect with others in the field, #SCCHAT continues to be widely used by the school counseling community on social media and spawned the creation of other hashtags like #sccrowd#hscchat#mscchat, #escchat #pscchat, and #pscoc.

During several ASCA conferences #SCCHAT even held “in real life” or IRL meet-ups. Starting with just 13 at the original "tweet up" at the 2012 conference in Minneapolis, some of these events had hundreds in attendance.

Follow the #scchat hashtag on Twitter and participate in the chats (usually monthly from Sept-May on Wednesdays at 8:30 ET).