Presenting is how you deliver your curriculum and share results with your stakeholders. These are some of the top FREE tools being used in the field for classroom lessons, newsletters and more.

Google Slides

Google Slides are as easy to use as PowerPoint but are online so they can be easily used collaboratively, embedded or shared. 

Mary McCormac, elementary school counselor says: 

"I used Google Slides to create a shared slide show with all the elementary counselors in our district. Every page has a picture of the school and a picture of the counselor. I designed the template page and just duplicated it for each school. We have eight new counselors this year so it was a way for everyone to introduce themselves and remains in our Google Drive in case we forget who someone is at a meeting. It helped us get to know one another and make connections (home town, where our counseling degree is from, area of expertise)." 

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a powerful image-based presentation tool. Use this when you intend for pictures to speak louder than words; it's great for slideshows, as a digital scrapbook, for celebrating special events or for starting a conversation with pictures.

Susan Spellman Cann, high school counsellor says

"Haiku Deck is extremely visually appealing, creative, fun, and an easy tool to use. I love that it has a creative commons license built in so that students don’t need to worry about giving attribution and neither do I - it’s is already built into this great app! Haiku Deck allows you to tell a story in a way that other tools don’t seem to be able to." 


Prezi is a dynamic presentation tool that many use as a substitute for traditional tools like PowerPoint. Prezi has easy sharing and collaboration capabilities and can create greater audience engagement with its zooming features.

Franciene Sabens, high school counselor says:

"Pretty much anything you would use a PowerPoint for, you can do with Prezi. I use Prezi to create presentations that keep my high schoolers awake and engaged during school counseling core curriculum lessons, even with dry topics like test interpretation. Prezis can also be embedded into websites. I have also created a course pre-registration Prezi with a voice-over that teachers showed to our students while I was out of the building."


Carol Miller, middle school counselor says:

"I love Emaze because there are many templates to choose from and it is more interactive than a traditional PowerPoint presentation. I have used Emaze for several conference presentations and the handouts that you can print are very professional looking. I highly recommend Emaze to anyone wanting a high quality presentation program that is easy to use."

also worth a look:

Doceri, Voicethread

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