Back to School with SCOPE's ASCA National Model®-Aligned Technology Integration Plan™

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Back to school time is here! To me back to school always feels like another New Year's resolution time for educators. Whether you are already back in the thick of it or will be soon, you are no doubt considering some updates to your office, your program and how you organize yourself. Maybe you are preparing to submit a RAMP application or working to integrate the ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors into your program. Either way, back to school is a time to reflect, revise and renew.

In the spirit of back to school, SCOPE has created a new, customizable, SCOPE's ASCA National Model®-Aligned Technology Integration Plan™. Unique to SCOPE, this plan helps you think about the technology tools you want to use during the year and how each one fits with the components of the ASCA National Model®. Using this plan means that you take a intentional, rather than haphazard approach to technology integration. SCOPE encourages you to find out what technology tools your school and district already support and to include those in your plan if they fit your needs. Once you've completed your plan, you may wish to include it as part of your Annual Agreement or to discuss it with your administration.

Below is a sample of the integration plan to give you an idea of how it can be used. The ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors Planning Tool is a critical component of this plan. Many school's are using Google products so this plan includes many Google tools. Too many tools for you? Go at the pace that works for you. Even integrating just one or two tools thoughtfully can put you on a path to more intentional integration. Wondering how to decide what tools to use? Check out the About Tools page for 5 clear suggestions. The plan was also created as a general sample and is not specific to any grade level. Click here or on the image below to see the full sample. Please give credit to SCOPE when using SCOPE's ASCA National Model®-Aligned Technology Integration Plan™.

*This plan has not been approved or endorsed by ASCA and is simply presented with the intention of helping those in the field.

Trouble downloading? Have ideas or questions about using SCOPE's ASCA National Model-Aligned Technology Integration Plan? Let us know!

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