Tool Review: ClassTag

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Post written by: Hailey McCloskey

YOU NEED TO: Streamline Parent/Family Communication 

WHY? As school counselors, we wear many hats, one of which includes communicating with the parents and families of our students. This task can often seem overwhelming with the number of students we have on our caseload, and it can be challenging at times to keep parents in the loop with the most up-to-date information about our comprehensive school counseling programs. If you are looking for a tool to increase and streamline parent communication and involvement, then ClassTag is the tool for you!

WHAT? ClassTag is a free website and app that streamlines parent communication and involvement in a simplified, user-friendly format. While the primary function of ClassTag is to assist classroom teachers with parent communication and involvement, this platform can also be used by school counselors, too! We just have to get creative!

HOW? To put it simply, ClassTag allows educators to post announcements, create event pages, ask for volunteer requests, and organize parent conferences by creating digital, easy to access sign up sheets. Each of these features is posted to the ClassTag virtual classroom web page. Parents are invited to join ClassTag, and they then have the option to determine how they want to receive ClassTag information (text message, email, etc.). ClassTag also has a private message feature for educators to communicate with individual parents as well, keeping all parent communication in one place!

To take it one step further, ClassTag collects data on the interactions each parent has with your ClassTag posts. This feature helps school counselors see, in plain sight, the parents who are receiving information about your school counseling program and the parents who are not. This data is valuable to the development of comprehensive school counseling programs, particularly if one of your goals is to increase parent communication!


MY THOUGHTS: Given the number of roles school counselors play and the various tasks we have on our plates, I view ClassTag as a tool that will streamline the parent communication process in a simplified, easy to access format. Whether you’re sharing information about your school counseling program, asking for parent volunteers, or creating conference sign up sheets, ClassTag should bridge the communication gap between school and home. We know how important it is to partner with parents and families as advocates for their student’s education, and the ClassTag community understands that as well.

ClassTag is new to the education technology scene, and there is still much to discover and learn about this tool. If you are interested in knowing more about ClassTag, please visit the extensive FAQ page to have all your burning questions answered, and if you're using ClassTag, let us know what you think!

Hailey is a School Counseling master's student and will graduate in Spring 2018.

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