Tool Review: Nearpod

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Post written by: Hailey McCloskey

YOU NEED TO: Jazz Up Your Classroom Lessons AND Collect Data

We may be late to the table when it comes to using this educational tool, but we will not overlook Nearpod any longer---and neither should you!

"Nearpod has been an amazing tool for being in the classroom as a counselor. We use it to collect real-live data on the students that are in the room. It also gives us as counselors insight into the students’ perspective in the room so we can tailor our discussion around what the students want to know or where they stand on certain topics or ideas."

Molly Creek, M.Ed., School Counselor at Erie High School, @mcreek5

WHY? School counselors, if you have been looking for something to spice up your classroom lessons, then Nearpod is the tool for you. Classroom lessons are an integral piece of a comprehensive school counseling program, but it can sometimes be challenging to create engaging, interactive lessons for students. Moreover, we know how valuable and necessary it is to collect data from our classroom lessons, but this can also be a challenge to do given time constraints. Nearpod is the solution to your classroom lesson needs because of its engaging, evaluative, and easily accessible features.

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WHAT? Not only does the Nearpod platform allow educators to embed PDFs, Google Docs, video, audio, and more into their presentations, but it also allows educators to explore pre-made lessons from the Nearpod community. Talk about a time saver! You can simply search for lessons with a keyword, such as “Empathy,” and apply different filters based your needs (i.e. grade level, price, subject, etc.). The Nearpod platform will populate a variety of pre-made presentations that relate to your needs.

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HOW? One key feature of Nearpod that is so valuable for school counselors is the data collection feature. This feature allows users to embed quizzes, polls, and open-ended questions within their presentations to collect quick, real-time data. To utilize this feature, students would need access to technology such as a laptop, computer, or tablet to follow along and answer questions during the classroom lesson. 


MY THOUGHTS: Nearpod is a tool that could benefit school counselors at all levels, elementary, middle, and high school, with regard to classroom lessons. Nearpod lessons are easy to create and access, visually appealing, and engaging; the various assessments that can be embedded in Nearpod lessons give school counselors access to valuable data to continue to improve their comprehensive school counseling programs to best serve students.

Nearpod Silver is free to educators. There are premium versions, Nearpod Gold and Nearpod Platinum, that cost a set price per year. For more information and Nearpod questions, please visit the Nearpod Help Center, and if you're using Nearpod, let us know what you think!

Hailey is a School Counseling master's student and will graduate in Spring 2018.

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