You don't have to eat everything on the buffet.

As a school counselor and people-person, connections have always been an important part of me and my career. Not to mention, I was raised by a master-connecter, my father. He can make you feel like the most important person in the room in a matter of minutes and connect you with at least two people who will likely be worth your while to know.

But not all connections are worthwhile. Whether they are in person or through technology, good relationships leave us feeling positive, healthy, nourished. And again, whether they are in person or through technology, bad relationships leave us feeling starved, empty or even sick. 

Photo by Juanmonino/E+ / Getty Images
Photo by Juanmonino/E+ / Getty Images

One of my favorite takes on technology, along these lines, is that of Digital Nutrition, coined by Jocelyn Brewer (@jocelynbrewer), a psychologist and school counselor in Australia. See her Facebook page or my interview with her to understand more about this positive look at technology. 

If you subscribe to the notion of Digital Nutrition then you subscribe to the idea that we are in control of our digital consumption - we have choices. We are no more bombarded by technology than we are by food and dining choices between home, school and work (assuming a privileged, first-world scenario) but we don't have to entertain them all.

Sometimes I find myself looking at my Facebook page much like I might check the fridge on the way to another room - mindlessly without even realizing I'm doing it, just to see what's there. I'm hardly imposing a digital fast but I am working to be more aware when what I ingest from the screen makes me feel nauseous, sick or generally bad.

Connect with technology if and when it provides you something meaningful and fulfilling. Learn what Digital Nutrition means for you by figuring out the choices that are the healthiest for you. You can pass on technology when it doesn't feed you, you don't have to try every tool that is en vogue, and you certainly don't have to eat everything on the buffet.