I've Gone to Canada.

That's right. The US election is over and I've gone to Canada. 

Well, just for a few days but gosh is it beautiful here and I've already been met with open arms! Twitter friends Erin Luong and Susan Spellman-Cann are to be credited for making it all possible but little did we all know a year ago when the plans were in the works how truly timely this visit would be! Even the local Rocky Mountain Outlook posted this article about the US election. I particularly like the last line from Banff author Ed Whittingham, "Let's use this election outcome as an opportunity to raise our ambition, demand more progress, and build on our tremendous momentum." Well said, sir, well said.

Given that I'll be presenting twice on technology at the Alberta Teachers' Association Council for School Counsellors conference, it's quite apropos that I'm here because of technology. Twitter has connected me to so many school counselors and other educators around the world over the past few years. You can follow the conference hashtag, #cscata2016 and even the conference town of Canmore has recently announced its own Twitter account, @townofcanmore. While my presence on Twitter ebbs and flows a bit, it has by far, been one of the most valuable technologies to learn and engage with for my professional growth. We can focus on all the negatives of technology but I can't help but be grateful for all the good it's done too.

If you'd like to grab the presentations, you can find them below. Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying the good company of our fine neighbors to the North and seeking a bit of solace from all the drama back home.

Technology for the Accountable School Counselor

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