College Admissions Counseling Time is Here!

October 2015's #scchat will be about College Admissions Counseling. Join us on Twitter on Tuesday, October 6th at 8pm to chat more on this topic. You can learn more about #scchat and our Twitter chats on this page.


College application season is here and looms large on the radar of so many high school counselors. Though SCOPE is largely dedicated to school counselors use of technology, it also supports school counselors using technology to discuss important topics on the field. A brief survey of requested #scchat topics (see image to the right) supports the need for sharing on the topic of college admissions counseling so this is the focus of the October #scchat on 10/6 at 8pm ET. 

Mr. Jeremy Goldman (@mrjgoldman), high school counselor, ASCA 2015 School Counselor of the Year semi-finalist, and past president of the Maryland School Counselor Association, will be the moderator. Jeremy is an award winning school counselor and was one of the first school counselors I met on Twitter who helped make #scchat what it is today. 

To prepare you for, and to supplement the #scchat, I did brief interviews with two professionals who are doing work in the college admissions arena. Each of these individuals represents a different angle on this topic and each shares a unique perspective. Below you can find the interviews with Sri Subramanian (@evolvng) of and Dr. Patrick O'Connor (@collegeisyours), former NACAC president, school counseling advocate and author of College Is Yours. Each interview is about 12 minutes in length. Sri and Patrick will be participants in the October chat. 

So, get your questions and ideas ready to share and join us for #scchat on October 6th!