Organization is essential to a comprehensive, data-driven school counseling program. These are some of the top FREE tools being used in the field for file management, storage and record keeping.


Dropbox is a cloud storage tool. Use Dropbox to save important files or to collaborate with others on shared documents. All of your files are synced whether you access them on the web or on your mobile devices.

Angela Poovey, elementary school counselor says:

"I use Dropbox to share lessons and counseling materials with my school counseling colleagues, to facilitate easier access when working on files between home and school, to collaborate when completing projects that involve multiple people and to stay in better communication with my co-counselor who works at my school part time."  


Google Drive is also a cloud storage too but has a variety of native applications such as docs, forms, spreadsheets and slides. Much of what you create or collaborate on in Google Drive can also be embedded into websites too.

Jeremy Goldman, high school counselor says: 

"Google Drive replaces the need to have or lose flash drives. All of its applications (presentations, word processing, forms and spreadsheets) are web-based and collaborative so documents can be edited from a mobile device and/or as a team. I was able to write a letter of recommendation from my phone in a dark hotel room while my toddler was asleep! 


LiveBinders replace the old 3-ring binders you have on your shelf. With a web-based interface and customizable tabs, you can create binders that are private or public, for storing, sharing or presenting information.

Susan Spellman Cann, high school counselor says

"I use LiveBinders to curate information I want to go back to later regarding any issues around school counselling. I also use it to share information with other teachers, school counsellors and students hoping they will find it useful and helpful. I especially like that you can sort your binders by topic and find resources in others' binders."

also worth a look:


Jonathan Allen, elementary school counselor says: 

"I would definitely recommend Evernote to anyone looking to organize life and work. For myself, being in two schools, this app makes taking and organizing notes SO much easier. You can email notes through the website and the app, you can attach documents to specific notes and create an alarm to remind you to complete a task or note.


Lindsay Fuller, elementary school counselor says:

"I use Padlet as a way to combine information, such as presentations, web sites, information for a specific audience, or to collaborate on research, in one, easy to reach place. It is a great tool to use for brainstorming and collecting information from a variety of sources."

even more worth a look:

OneNote, Trello

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