Evaluation is at the core of demonstrating the value of school counselors and school counseling programs. These are some of the top FREE tools being used in the field for gathering data, showing effectiveness and proving your worth. See the Engagement page for even more tools that both captivate and evaluate!


Brian Coleman, high school counselor says:

"EZAnalyze has been a great addition to my data analysis toolkit. In recent years, I have used it to disaggregate comprehensive, school-wide needs assessment data in ways that are not currently possible via data tools such as Google forms. The EZAnalyze website also offers helpful tutorials for those new to data analysis."

Google Forms

Google Forms have been taking the School Counseling field by storm! Create online forms that can be easily shared via email, embedded on a website or linked into presentations or documents. Google forms can help you easily gather data from students, staff, families and all stakeholders. 

Stacey Russell, middle school counselor says:

"Google Forms has dramatically changed my ability to assess my students' needs. I can survey our entire school community in a much more efficient manner, giving me more to time to use that data to plan how I'm going to address those needs. I can't imagine doing my job without it now!"

Bridget Helms, elementary school counselor says:

"I use Google Forms all the time! I have a form set up for my students to request to see me and a form for teachers to refer students. I also use Google Forms to do a check in/check out with students. Google Forms is a great way to collect, track and analyze data."

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Kate Salas, middle school counselor says:

"GradeCam makes scoring and analyzing data a breeze! No longer am I burdened with mountains of papers. My students take their assessments, scan them on GradeCam and then I can immediately see the results. GradeCam has an app for tablets and phones too. If my students do really well on the pre-test then I know which parts I can breeze through in my unit lessons. Thanks to GradeCam, now I put the most focus on what the students really need!"


Beth Mertens, K-8 school counselor says:

"TeacherKit is a great tool for organizing and managing small groups. It can also be used for classroom lessons, too! You can use it to record attendance, behavior, and if needed, grades. It’s easy to enter the student information- you can upload and organize student names using Dropbox or enter them individually. In addition, you can add photographs and contact information for each student. By connecting the app to Dropbox you can also backup your data regularly, so you won’t lose any information."

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