Engaging audiences is the key way to achieve the results you need for the success of your program. Games and interactive activities in particular are on the rise as learning tools. These are some of the top FREE tools being used to captivate learners in the field.


Kahoot is an interactive game-based tool that engages students through any device. Kahoot replaces the "clickers" of the past and feels like playing on a game show in the classroom. While it is highlighted here as an engagement tool, it is also an evaluation tool since responses to questions can be saved and downloaded. 

Carey Hughes, school counselor, says:

"We use Kahoot at a 6th grade orientation as a fun way to present iPad expectations to families and students.  It was so convenient because you can use whatever device you have!  It made some mundane information more exciting...and hopefully more memorable since they were actively engaged."


Plickers can be considered an Evaluation tool and an Engagement tool! Two for one! Plickers allows you to collect data in real time with audiences without the use of devices. 

Sonya Wright, a school counselor, says:

"I use Plickers to conduct needs assessments and to evaluate classroom guidance sessions, group counseling sessions and teacher in-services. I love it because it's easy to use, fun quick and provides immediate data - the students and teachers love it too!"


PollEverywhere is an interactive polling tool to use during presentations or by embedding on a website to gather data.

Don Wheeler, school counselor, says"

"This is the perfect tool for engaging my students during my lessons. Not only do students get to participate in the lesson but they also get to see their feedback instantly using technology that they are already familiar with. I would recommend this tool to anyone who may benefit from instant feedback from their students – school counselors, classroom teachers, and administrators; actually no one has to look too hard to find a use for Poll Everywhere."

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