Inspiration is essential to refreshing and renewing your program. These are some of the top FREE tools being used in the field for gathering new ideas and giving your old materials a makeover.


Canva is both an inspiration tool and a creation tool. Need to design an image, logo or document from scratch? Canva provides you with hundreds of templates, images and fonts to choose from. Use Canva for all your design needs from logos to business cards to fliers to social media banners and more.

Rachel Taylor, high school counselor says:

"Canva is super easy to use! It's professional looking, on trend and catches the eyes of my students."


Facebook is a go-to social tool for personal sharing but it can also be a professional source of ideas and connections. Look for well-established and monitored Facebook pages for school counselors but be sure to be mindful of your interactions so you help promote a helpful and positive culture. You'll need to request to join the groups below.

High School Counselors' Network

Caught in the Middle School Counselors

Elementary School Counselors' Exchange


Pinterest is your online scrapbook, vision board and resource clearinghouse all in one. Search for ideas and pin the favorites to your own boards.

Valerie Johnson, high school counselor says:

"I use Pinterest personally and professionally to discover new ideas. The possibilities are endless, and sometimes, I must admit, I have trouble ending my time on Pinterest! I mainly use Pinterest to find resources for school - I can find classroom and small group resources along with many other materials that help me make my school counseling program more effective."