Communication with stakeholders is key to your role. These are some of the top FREE tools being used in the field for communicating with students, schools, families, colleagues and communities.


Remind is a secure text-messaging service for announcements that can be delivered to recipients' phones or via email. Remind works on the web as well as on mobile devices. Those new to Remind may find this tutorial helpful. 

Amber Shepherd-Thompson, high school counselor, says:

"I love Remind! It allows me the opportunity to get information to all of my seniors at one time. I use Remind to notify my seniors about scholarship opportunities, upcoming college visits, on-site admissions, SAT/ACT registration workshops, to pick up their registration tickets, classroom visits and credit checks, and really anything I need to tell them en masse."


Smore is a web-based newsletter and flyer application. Those new to Smore may find this tutorial helpful. 

Carol Miller, middle school counselor, says:

"I use Smore to promote events that are happening in my school and to share information about my program. One thing that I like about Smore is that it takes the standard newsletter and allows you to add videos and links right into your publication. I use Smore because of its ease in sharing with others and its ability to connect with other multimedia sources."


Twitter is a micro-blogging service and a popular social media application. Those new to Twitter might find this tutorial helpful. 

Danielle Schultz, middle school counselor, says: 

"I use Twitter as a way of connecting and sharing with other school counselors around the world. I prefer Twitter over other tools because everyone is on the same playing field whatever their position in the profession. It is not a top-down discussion and everyone has a chance to interact. I like the feature of using hashtags, like #scchat, so that I can filter out all of the other tweets and just focus on specific topics. I would recommend

 to all school counseling graduate students, school counselors, counselor educators, school counseling organizations and anyone else who wants to connect and collaborate."

Also worth a look:


Phil Echols, middle school counselor says:

"To better prepare for the information rush of high school registration, I used Yapp to create an app. The app has six pages housing important dates, direct links to specific course listings, and other general information. I often refer to it as 'registration in the palm of your hand'."

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