SCOPE is a modern op-ed space for those in the school counseling profession. ALL are welcome here.

Initially envisioned as “school counseling’s online professional exchange” or “SCOPE,” the idea of the site was to establish a community conversation space for those in the field. It took a few detours, stalled for a few years, then returned to its initial vision. SCOPE is also the founding site for #SCCHAT, which continues to be the primary hashtag for school counseling. Read more about how to participate on the #SCCHAT page.

Some may recognize SCOPE from its older images and green-themed logo. SCOPE started on Wikispaces in 2011 and, at the time, focused on technology. Few school counselors were on Twitter then, only a few school counseling blogs existed, and many were uncertain about technology’s place in our work. Over the years SCOPE moved around a bit, content was added and edited, and the logos were updated. Though technology remains an important topic for SCOPE, it was time to move on. Thankfully, our professional realm now boasts many resources to help school counseling navigate its way with tech.

Times change, and hopefully, so does school counseling. Some might argue that evolving a site in this way breaks all the rules of proper website management, oh well. SCOPE will be something different or maybe non-existent in any number of years. None of us can claim to know the future, but if we aren’t willing to adapt, we just may lose our impact.

For now, SCOPE is a modern op-ed space that lives online and fills a gap in between informal social media posts and more formal sources like books and articles. SCOPE is not affiliated with any association, organization, or entity, and those behind it aren’t paid for the work they do for SCOPE. While there is a larger vision sketched out, we’re focused on doing just a few things at a time. We hope you’ll enjoy what is to come.

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