The technology tools you use every day say a lot about you as a school counselor and about your school counseling program. Don't give in to the pressure to jump on board with whatever is trending at the time, use the tools that work for you and your setting.

5 important TIPS FOR CHOOSING technology TOOLS:

1. AUDIENCE: Who am I using this tool for? Ask around, do some research, find out what tools are the most engaging for the populations you serve and know what is en vogue with students.

2. ETHICS: Are there known security issues or potential conflicts with my school or district policy? Do your homework on tools that interest you so that you know if there are documented risks.

3. IMPACT: How will it help me do my job better? Using even one tool can have an impact. Make technology choices that improve your reach to stakeholders and streamline your work.

4. OUTCOMEWhat am I hoping to achieve? Technology can and should support your program goals. Choose tools that help generate or measure process, perception and outcome data.

5. UNIVERSALITY: Is this the most accessible tool? There is no shortage of tools, and many tools do similar things. Choose those that have the greatest accessibility for your stakeholders.